Virtual Exhibitions - Personal Connections

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we reinventing exhibitions

to connect business globally and effortless

the unique way we do it is by providing worldwide exhibitions online to discover new business super easy way together with live meetings on site to fill the missing gap - relationship




Visit worldwide trade shows while drinking morning coffee



Highlight your brand globally and attract the best clients

Food for Thought
Business Model

Why We Do It

Sales is a crucial thing for business being. Whether you use digital marketing or attend trade show, everything requires huge investments and long time.

However, business could focus on better quality, environment or creating something new instead of wasting time for promotion.

We strive to change the current status.

The way we do it is by providing a completely new concept of exhibitions which work for your marketing and sales. Not you for them.


Worldwide Expos Online

One stop source for business trends


Direct contact with representatives

New markets without investments

Qualified Content

Easy to Discover/Get reliable partners

Less Noise and interruption

No Ads, sponsors banners

Only New products, solutions

Face-to-face meetings on site

Efficient meetings as you are familiar from online expo

No need booth's building, logistic, staff accommodation ...


Get new business clients as you would attend Trade Show but 10 times effectively


"Virtual exhibition will become successful if it can simulate this personal face-to-face discussion".

Wolf Junius

head of Exhibit Partner Net


"We organize trade missions, and virtual exhibition is a good form of helping our potential clients to pre-test a market."

Bako Ambianda

CEO at Labacorp Group

USA, Austin

"I confidently recommend Exponeer as cost effective and time saving marketing tool to acquire new clients in foreign markets."

Donatas Jonikas, Ph.D

Marketing Supervisor


Our Team

Vaidas Šaltenis


I was dreaming about the place from where we can reach worldwide exhibitions while drinking morning coffee and follow the latest news without noise and interruption.

Donatas Dagys


Sometimes programming is tedious. But in this case, knowing that each line of code will reduce resource wasting, nothing can stop me.

Laura Zizaitė


I am certain that we are on the edge of new communication technology generation. It is an extraordinary feeling.

While creating Exponeer, we realized that there is no analogous example of it. Although it requires a hard work, the joy to know that it will be useful for thousands compensates everything.


Darius Buikus

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Virtual Exhibitions - Personal Connections

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