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in the next-generation B2B trade shows we provide

Thousands of enterprises have so many ideas and solutions to improve our living.

Will it reach us or not depends on whether the business will break through those who pay for our attention.

We want to help them to break through.

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Digital showcases

One-stop source for worldwide events

Live meetings on-site with prospects

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It Will Help You Distinguish From Those Who




10 times savings in getting the same results and experience




Face-to-face meetings - missing gap for relationship building

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Some Experts Will Inspire You Too

"Virtual exhibition will become successful if it can simulate this personal face-to-face discussion".

Wolf Junius

head of Exhibit Partner Net


"We organize trade missions, and virtual exhibition is a good form of helping our potential clients to pre-test a market."

Bako Ambianda

CEO at Labacorp Group

USA, Austin

"I confidently recommend Exponeer as cost effective and time saving marketing tool to acquire new clients in foreign markets."

Donatas Jonikas, Ph.D

Marketing Supervisor


But Sometimes It's Hard To Decide

Trade Shows
Digital Marketing

Still, prefer to stay on familiar track?

It's OK.

Check our costly lessons, that helps you to become a better Marketer there.

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Booth design or advertising campaign is always on your risk.

Upload what you have now and improve with our help for free.

Because Someone Say This Can't Be Easy

Marketing purpose is to overtake the noise.

There is no ad, sponsored or promoted content. No noise.

People like to be among professionals.

Someone Say This Can't Work

It set you free from time and money wasting on promotion and allows to focus on your product and service improvement.

Who wouldn't want to buy true value?

And Finally You Win

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"We eliminate marketing at all by simplifying so"

Vaidas SALTENIS - Founder & CEO at Exponeer

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